Persistence in my own words

Embracing You

I have my lonliest days, and feeling like i might stop asking for pictures, texting or calling is something that kicks in deep down, out of lonliness, but its something i really dont wanna do at all. While i see myself quitting asking for pictures, i cannot quit the other two. I have so much hope in our realtionship, i dont want anything to break us. Im super patient, and i sometimes wonder if thats bad. Are you quitting i wonder, because maybe we can reconnect again and be super close like we once were. You keeping me up all night, you wanting to call me, begging for my pecks, me requesting yours in return,,,,, that was us in the beginning......before we got busy with jobs. We miss it, and i know your sorry for not being around as much as you should. But in a way, i hope you quit so i can really see your face this time, instead of getting my hopes up and finding i cant see you after all. So many will still find me crazy, i have my doubts but even if my lonliness wants me to stop everything all together, i cant. I cant stop communication, i cant stop desiring you. Its just about us and i want us to succeed. I dont care that my past failed; now that i look back. I want us to be the winners, not losers that are put in the failed category. Because of how great we are; we are made to win, made to face the storm and make it out together. My past was weak and frail. No strength, no dreams, no desires. All that came out of it was mistakes that were learned from as time went on. Then you came along, and things became much more then a healing mind in process. We became destined lovers, star crossed lovers, killing insecurity, anxiety, and pain of any kinds. So even though im spending 1-2 days without a word from you, i stand beside you still, and our Strength combined into one is our precious ball of hope, faith and such.

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