Where'd You Go

Embracing You

It's late and i should be resting, but my mind again drifts from the worries of one thing, to the worries of another. Where'd you go? Are you gone from me? are you this are you that, whispers of fear fill my head. I silently pray without making a move of my hands but my eyes; asking that you come home safely and remind me you still need me. I heard you just yesterday; is this an im not online day? Im concerned Im worried; Im in the mix of the emotions fear and sadness. More fear to be exact. Wish i could look you in the eyes and talk with you: make you better and help encourage you to seek the help you need. Without letting much out; still respecting your privacy; a loving relative who actually likes me agrees. she didnt hear from you in a long time, she wanted to know what was going on with you; with us----so i give a small but carefully thought out update........ which meant saying what happened days ago--but still giving the respect towards whats personal i say something small but thought out well so i dont hurt you---but really; See someone professionally--if you want to be better and not over stress about it; give yourself some self care. Sorry if this makes you down; makes you upset and causes a frown, but im trying to help you; let me. dont dismiss it. it hurts me. Still; wishing i knew where you were; my worries are settling down so they dont over do anything like they have before. I know ive spent days without you; nights as well; but you were here earlier--- and youve gone away somehow. This goes on longer I could go insane like i have before. No word, no explanation, just left in silence. Darlin please come back home. Wish you could remind me---quickly that you love me and that i shouldnt be worried. Just come home. unstress me. 

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