Night of silence

Embracing You

<p>Night of silence, the devils footprints are invisible and silently taken. He roams still in our atmosphere, controlling your every action. He causes my doubt of our compatibility, my fear of your actions. Causing my brain to activate the doubting and questioning of what your doing. While i know your healing; while i know your working; the devils work is silently taking its place. The horrible silent whispers in my head in my voice of what ifs, what nows, whens and hows, their repeated just to taunt and torture my inner being. My spirit roaming around you as you lie resting and recovering; it cries out wishing you to allow my caring and loving message. No dismissing; no negative message---- and yet again i am dismissed but with no message. I am not told that i am loved; but i am also not told that i am not. i am just sent away yet again; much like yesterday. My functioning at work was not normal; i keep myself as silent as possible. I help out those who are not as strong; and need the help for long. i speak very little; and i slip by rather dramatically and carefully, wanting not to be hit; by the trolly's rolling away. My idea was would there be something for me to clean? i look in two rooms and i am noticed at the second; unfortunately. the man opens his mouth and lets out a greeting; and thats where i make my dramatic scamper. I bump accidentally into a worker coming out from a room; accidents are accidents right? they all happen. All in all though, i hadnt smiled much; just within one conversation was i comfortable to let out that cheerful touch. But now i am home and i rest quietly. still dismissed, my love and care is rejected. But while going through a day of few dramatic scenes and smiling so little cause of you..... I believe in my dear friend's words. we will be fine. and i am holding on tight; hoping that again it is correct. its always been worth it; God please, let this one be worth it too.&nbsp;</p>

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