Mind Story

Embracing You

Your a complicated boy, in the shape, appearance, form of a man.

Your mind is busy, you come home and your lazy, not really doing what you will or can.

Your eyes start to close, and your curling up close to me. I'm affected by insomnia, anxiety......yes! The heart beats going to speed up...

But same time theres some god given calmness, relaxation, and time to be relieved from depression.

I ask myself, what am i going to do with myself, a story is only written half way.

It seems ive hit writers block, as if theres not too much more to say.

When you and I dearest love, when we fight so unncessarily, what does it mean? There's always fear creeping in, and I end up begging God, please don't let him give in!

There's images of people who could've known me better--they fly past like the leaves on a windy fall day.... Some stick around for a quick little scene, some want to run and hide right away.

But you my dearest love, you stick around the most.... As if your meant to float in my head. 

Meant to take the places of people who had places in my heart... And are now seen as unnecessary not needed and dead.

Family dear family, love them as much as i do......they are more supportive of the rest then they are of me and you.

Yes, oh yes, i can understand their worry. The cries the pain.... What a heart break it must be, so insane.

but friends oh friends, crazy as i seem, you can tell i'll deal with it again and again.


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