Poetry Is Deep

My Poems

if i was able to take one Poem

So Deep to make u reach

It would be this Poem,

Which i have chosen,

Chosen to help me teach.

Its not just a gift 

to be able to combine words.

Feelings must be heard.

Shyness has no place

Heart Beats

Out of pace

Because you're nervous.

Nervous that..you will be judged on what you say


So what!

Today is your day

To get everyone who is listening,

to hear how you feel (snap) (snap).

Poetry is real.

Poems can only show them


Wrong they were about you


Deep your thoughts go


Important your feelings are......

To you!

So let them Judge 

the love


Poetical Inspiration

above the

Lack to just Understand that

Poetry is Deep (snap) (snap)

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