My Poems

Catchin lyrical sounds from the ground into your compound,
Many Mc's "Yeah they were Great" but now the world has found
Sayin it once won't be enough "You want some more POW"
Calling out names don't be affraid, "(crew:That's how we get down)"
50 you straight? Set a date yeah it's all good.  
The ball has been tossed, got a grip, "Now let me rep hood".
Many compads on my side, "No need to beware"
(bring it: Set a time and date raise the stakes), "Just you and me be there"
Discussing our moves and their last  "(barkout: Let's make these gas ass niggas, Watch my figures)"
This one's for the kids "(kids: Yeah daddy did)" That makes me feel proud
(Yeah Mon': Listen and learn is how i teach dem, I sat back and I watched, "now I release him")
(my Nigga: The stakes have been raised they can't touch it. Wanna talk come back here and grab a bucket)

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