Poetic Struggle

My Poems

Mental straining,

Looking for the right words to express myself

on how I'm maintaining.

Sometimes it might sound like I'm complaining,

but I'm always sustaining

A Poetic attitude

while it's your attention I'm gaining.

Now that I got it let me explain that I'm here

To express my thoughts

by sharing my words

sending nouns and verbs

pronouns and adverbs

Straight to your mental ear.

So many times I will try,

and so many times I will try again.

In a way I'm trying to capture that BIG win,

but when it comes down to it

I'm just trying to be recognized

for the great connection between me and my pen

and how we can come together to express what's within.

I'm sure we all tried to use the phrase that begins with

roses are red, but I'm not even going to go there with you.

That's when I first started writing poems

and now you see what I can produce.

A poetic genius on the loose

putting what Almighty gave me to use

which now is to induce my Poetic Struggle.

As my pen and I get into a huddle

to discuss our next plan,

with my pen in my right hand

on paper my words land

trying to get you to understand

that in many ways I will and I can

induce my Poetic Struggle.

It's like trapping air inside of a bubble.

Eventually my words will get out.

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