Different paths

I was lost
Didn't know what to do
Had someone who loved me
But I didn't know what was true

Caught up between two feelings
Living two different lives
Going through life with closed eyes
Trying to find someone, who's mine

One side of my heart remains in a closet
The other right outside that door
Directions are what I need
Clues ? I need more

Which life defines who I am
Being in the middle is NOT an option
Do I go for the highest bidder
Selling my heart like an auction ?

Do I run to what is "right"
Because society says so
Or do I go with affection
Somewhere I let my feelings show

I was looking for love
Something that I had
But I took an alternate route
Just to make my parents glad ?

I don't know, I'm confused
Who do I ask for help
I've came too far in life
To throw my heart on the shelf

Now, I don't have that love
There's no emotions floating in my heart
I just remain in the middle
Waiting for my life to start

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