Momentary Life



Jon sipped a little coffee and stared out the window. The coffee shop he always visited was very simple, but he liked it that way. Nothing extraordinary ever seemed to happen in his life, his routine never changed and it always started every morning with a cup of coffee from that little coffee shop. As he was staring out the window he saw a woman in the street walking towards a middle school alone. Maybe she was a teacher or the mother of some kid, who knows. He looked at her since she seemed oddly familiar to him, but all of a sudden a fast young man appeared out of nowhere and started to yell at the woman to give him her wallet. Jon was still looking in a very confused way, since she was refusing to do so, Jon thought that was very brave but still, the man had a knife and refusing to give him the wallet was not convenient at that time.  “What did you say?” - The man said getting closer to her, making the knife visible - She gave a few steps back, but by this moment Jon was already approaching the scene and since he was behind the man he took advantage of his momentary invisibleness and kicked him, grabbed the woman by the hand and then ran as fast as they could hoping to lose the man, but in that neighborhood there is a group of robbers, so the man informed his other thieve friends that he had been attacked by some man. Joe and the woman stopped and she thanked him for his heroic behavior and skill. Joe asked her who she was and she said “Mary Jones” - He suddenly realized that she was his high school girlfriend.  “It’s been 25 years without seeing you” he said. Suddenly, the man from before appeared again but this time he was with three other guys. Jon stood in front of Mary and they all walked towards him with knives and baseball bats and what not, but Jon knew martial arts so every time they tried to knock him down he avoided them and with his martial arts knowledge he managed to defeat all of them as if he was some sort of super hero. Mary was so amused, she walked towards Jon and hugged him “I’m so happy you are here” -  she said, she closed her eyes and leaned towards Jon’s lips slowly. “Do you want more coffee?” - asked the usual waiter. Jon blinked, looked at her and said “No, it’s fine” -  He looked again at the window, and the street was empty, and the woman and the man were no longer there.

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