Julia's Dimension

Julia wakes up every morning, she usually takes hours in her bathroom, for some it seems like days. Why does she spend so much time there? The answer is simple; she’s a girl, but not any girl. An average woman would spend a max of 2 hours in the bathroom, Julia, on the other hand can spend a whole day. When Julia was a child her mother used to tell her that she should always be trimmed, her mother used to care a lot about her image, she never imagined her little girl would take her lesson too seriously. Julia had just bought a mirror the size of an elephant a month ago; the edges had carved rhinestones of all colors, green, red, blue and purple. Nevertheless she never admired the rocks, the only thing she had eyes for was herself. Friday night, at dinner, Johnny, her only precious child, was very exited because he was going to star in a play. The event would take place Monday morning, he was going to play the character of Peter Pan, he was the main character, and there was a lot to be exited about. Julia was very exited too, but as soon as she finished paying attention to him she took out a pocket mirror. Johnny saw the little mirror suck her mother whole, this would always happen, she would travel to another dimension; as soon as he was alone he went to his room to rehears for the play. The pocket mirror liberated Julia about two hours later. When she realized she was alone at the dining table she went to her room to sleep. Johnny was already used to her mother being sucked by whichever mirror there was, she was the only one that could travel through mirrors to other dimensions, Johnny, had not inherited her power, but for many it is better known as a curse. Julia had missed many meetings, diners, dates and parent teacher conferences because of her “travels”. Monday morning came in a flash; the play was at 9:30. Gloria, the next-door neighbor had picked up Johnny to take him to school as a favor, she knew that if his mother took him Johnny would very probably arrive late. Julia set her alarm at 7:00; she did not want to arrive late to Johnny’s play. As soon as she arrived to the bathroom, the elephant sized mirror sucked her whole body. Johnny was doing marvelous, he had rehearsed hours for this special day, and his mother was nowhere to be seen. When he was acting, he would look out to the audience to search desperately for his mother’s proud face. In the end he realized it was hopeless. The play ended, melancholy filled Johnny’s face, Julia never came. Gloria looked at the little boys face with pity; she knew what it felt like to be stood up by your own mother. When Johnny arrived home he began to cry, to sob, he had never felt such deception. All of a sudden he was angry so he went to his mother’s bathroom, he knew she must be there. He was ready to start a discussion; his face was red with anger. As he entered the bathroom, he saw her; she was trapped in the mirror, she got lost in her own dimension. That was the last Johnny saw of his mother, she was never able to return.

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