Our lives are completely intertwined, this  is our fate.

So you must learn to control your hate!

Although we’re no longer married,

may days be filled with bliss.

But, remember, when our children are with you,

it is me that they miss.

You tend to your anger as if you feel it’s just,

You’re furious vehement makes apparent distrust.

In your own mind eye, you’re sure I lie,

Yet, the truth of the matter is it TAKES TWO FOR A  MARRIAGE TO SHATTER!

I pray you’ll see we have both made mistakes,

Perhaps you’ll see more clearly the love that it takes.

Now for the sake of our children let your hate descend,

In the name of god help this suffering end.

Patty  Hermes    ‘99’

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be selfless for the children.

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