Survivor Of The Horizons

Through the candlelit darkness

Stands he, who like all before him


Roar with the monstrous anger of the guns.

Shell shocked lady, clear pitched squeals.

Standing, hands locked around head, to stop

The madness. The bizarre inhumanity.

Rolling onwards through the night.

Siren after siren.

Drifting darkness to be woke up.

Morning after. Clear view.

Hideous outlook on all.

Loathsome sight.

Rain, rain.

Falling power under the

Macabre mushroom. High above.

Devilish powers.

USSR. Japan. Pearl Harbour.

Thoughts drifting through,

The head, confused.

Like trench warfare.

Rain comes powder.

Fall, fall.

Sickness rising.

One, two,

More than a million.

Death toll, ever rising.

Mortal humanity.

Inhuman consequences.

Follow the dark despair

In to a bright new horizon.


At last.


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