"Shades Of Hush"

Shades Of Hush

Counting pillow spaces whispered

in dreamscape shadows,

I write the clouds in colors

of missing you.


the stain of melt

as our hearts tender in a

splash of kisses

spilling eternity into wreaths

of I Love You.


the glow of sunburst wraps

cradled in warm sighs of surrender

submerged in brushes of magic,

Where hands discover the needs

of I Love You.


mixed in purple shades of heaven

the moonlight of your eyes

as I throb beneath the gaze

of our existence

drowning in thundered wants

of I Love You.


the hush of petals blooming

in the wet of our rainfall

quivering in trembles of soft murmurs,

Deep in craved desires

of I Love You.


the moon and the stars


in verses written empty,

For without you here

hues fade in dried tears

on pages of missing ink.


The sky listens in silence,

As I stand still in the pause

of Missing You.

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