"Beautiful Girl"

Beautiful Girl

She was beautiful


yet spirited as all get out,

her kisses were unconditional

sweetness poured from the breath

of puppy love

soft licks and nibbled ears

for thirteen years,

She was beautiful.

Tiny ballerina from the beginning

Little Bit prancing

over the top of the world

taking her big brother by storm

showing him she was Queen

and that's the way it was going to be,

he didn't mind,


She was beautiful.

Her brother was my best friend

but she ruled us both,

until a year ago June 21st

when cancer took him away,

and struck me down.

She sensed my loss,

I had a new shadow

and an undercover partner

who snuggled away her own independence

to take care of a man shattered,

She was that beautiful.

Last night was a struggle

for both of us,

her heart giving way


mine breaking among the

whimpers and tears of a daddy's girl

trying to be brave in every

battle of breath,

she didn't want to leave me

she knew how much I needed her,

She was that beautiful.

We said goodbye today

little kisses and I love you's

I didn't want to let her go

but I had too,

no more suffering

She's just beautiful.

*For My Prissy*

Brian Glenn


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