"Man In The Middle"

South Side Of Love

Man In The Middle

I've stood on the interstate for so long,

watching cars go by

trucks passing through,

still no sign of you.

I've been in the studio,

played the music

sang the songs,

still you're gone.

I've seen the movies,

boy meets girl,

love ever after

in the graces of I do,

still no call from you.

I've been to the beach,

played in the sand

felt the ocean spray mists,

saltwater tears,

still I live with this fear

you're not ever coming back,

are you?

Still I search for clues,

beneath rocks turned gray

behind bushes barren in winter's breath,

and each day

is like the next,

still no you.

The sun seemed lost this morning,

night clutching to the past

blue moon holding on,

me in the middle,

the last to know you're gone,

for good.

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