The Love Of My Life

Love poems

Oceans apart, yet my dreams have come true.

All because I met someone, as wonderful as you.

You fill my every desire; you inspire me to reach higher.

You fill my heart, like a flower in the rain.

You cast out my troubles, so only you remain.

You let me see your passion, your love shines through.

Why was I blessed, with someone as wonderful as you.

You make me see rainbows, when all I see are clouds.

You make me feel like the only one, in a room full or crowds.

You fill my thoughts, every moment of every hour.

You radiate in my life, like a summers flower.

If my soul could grow wings, I would set it free.

So it would bring you, straight back to me.

You are my soul mate, my every need.

For in my soul baby, you have planted your seed.

So grow in me, grow like a vine.

Entangle my heart, so you will always be mine.

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