Young World

It's such a blessing how the young world is still progressing 
The quality of life it's based on imagination
A vigor of emotions which has us stuck in amazement 

Youth. A state of mind with will of pure termination

Nobody grows old by living a number of years 
People grow old by executing certain ideals 

Wether you are thirteen or eighty three
There is in every beings heart the simple joy of wonder.
The childlike appetite of whats left to come next 

You are as old as your doubt,
As young as your interest,
As old as fear, 
Its all just a game of existence.

The undaunted challenges we prevail are all wired with the innermost core of how we feel.
Perhaps may be that life is wrought with fever and fraught with danger,

Our spirits unembodied by evils we've grown.
From man to the beauty of women and the power of earth, infinite courage
So long you are young.

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