Lack of communication leads to misinterpretation.
That's something this present generation deems to adjust to, because based on observation a lot of us tend to strive with limitations.

We want new ideas to serve as motivation,
We want motivation to serve as new ideas. 
Ironic isn't it? 

We care, we try, we love, we provide, and what's left? 
For most is mostly always taken, and execute no action.
I hear some thing's or someone who isn't talking and it's a deformity, like music with a distraction.

We create personas of imagined goals,
And built up pressure that builds a wall
Strong enough to withstand the truth but with reality and lies, it falls.

Don't overlook the ones you look over and go forward,
Don't overstep challenges but step over.

My oversight it's not to overwrite, 
I'm sometimes feeling overused or overwhelmed with plight.
Overturning the rules of the judgmental that say I'm simplistic  
They say my honesty is overbearing when I'm being overly optimistic.

Overlapping thoughts of success and oversexed teens
That overdose on drugs and get overly disrespected, 
And 'Over' is the word when the quest to be at your best is overly expected.

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