No Distance

No distance can keep our love apart
When I listen closely, I can actually hear the beating of your heart
A hug brings our souls together and almost immediately
we both feel healed from the time spent apart

I've deeply fallen in love with you,
Me. And not the person someone wished me to be 
I can say this was written in prophecy
Many have tried, but failed to see
I want this to be simple yet unique
I want that forever, you'll stay with me.

The tears that shed your eyes
Those are the rain drops which fall from my skies 
No matter how shallow it gets by the minute
I promise I will swim in your love until I drown in it

Everyday I walk through our memories but I cannot get passed it,
And I'm still living in the moments of our last kiss.
It's been eternal since that first November 
I can disappear and exist in your soul forever.
"Hard as the concrete but soft as a whisper"
That's how your love hits me, but I cannot blame you,
Because its not everyday we get the chance to save an angel.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired By Real Events

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