Imagine we all had our own little world to go into
Where lies aren't as loud, the truth isn't as quiet, and where we can forget all the pain we've been through.
Imagine instead of jealousy our eyes had love to see.
Imagine we were pushed by the affections we feel, as we found that somebody that defines perfection.

Ironically we fear negative transformations generated by love or an accurate imitation 
Why must it matter so much for us what foreign people suppose,
When they only critique what they lack in the most
Why when we witness a plight we fear shadows not knowing it'll lead us to light
Why do we surrender towards Hate provoking us to feel little when we should belittle those with misconceptions propelling our generation to believe in broken vows.

Imagine life was really what you want it to be
Where things and/or people were really what they seem, and not a bizarre image covered by spiritual smoke screens 
Just imagine you're the mirror to it all and they're just fearing your success because you're nearer to it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by true events

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