"Mindig" (Promise's Whisper)

She sits in the sand, 'neath the bay's sidewalk 

Sheltered and obscured from the nipping wind 

Lost in her thoughts, happy in her dreams. 

Her eyes are glancing over the wandering mortals. 

A sound disturb her racing thoughts, 

A rustle of steps from the broad pave above her. 

She looks up into the darkening day 

As night begins to shape, winds begin to whisper.

He does not see her as he stands close by 

Deeply absorbed in the life around him 

She looks at him and her breath catches, she stay 

Silent as she search the face she will love always.

Her vision starts to clear and she noticed, 

The man is looking back at her, face confused. 

It is but imagination and she looked away.

With waves dancing in grace, beckoning her spirit 

To recollect great memories both happy and sad

She breathe in deeply and closed her eyes, 

A faint smile formed her lips.

She is running late. Ahh! the fever of first meeting.  

Waiting in traffic, the phone is ringing. "I am here".

Her heartbeat racing, she's anxious to meet him.

He sounds so calm and gentle, his voice is hoarse

She glanced at the photo he gave her, she smiled.

Alas! the engagement. Eyes are searching, she saw him 

Driving slowly down the posh restaurant, he stood by.

He recognized her and waved 'hello', she pays him a smile. 

She shook his hand as she meets him, happy she is at last.

The dinner is a galore of endless conversation and admiration 

He is listening to her eagerly, she feels so fond of him. 

A piano playing has filled the room with classic romance 

Their rendevouz is a night of beauty, soon they must leave.

The night ends softly, yet leaving a fire and yearning 

To see his face again, lost in memories of a happy time. 

To pass a day would seem forever, and night is restless. 

Infatuation is madness, so strong but short-lived 

Or, is it mischievous cupid who pierced her heart?

Her heart is ever dancing the moment she senses him once more

Slowly, she approaches, her eyes never leaving his 

He took her to watch their first sunset, it is lovely. 

They are so close, she can hear his breathing gently.

Night is falling deep, her heart grasp a bite of sadness. 

Fleeting moment of infinite passion is coming to an end 

'twas a small space of time, she wants to hold him forever 

Looking down to hide her gloomy eyes, his hand search hers.

Spellbound by his charms, she stood, unyielding. 

He lifts his hand and touches her face, fondling her cheek 

Shyly, she looks at him. He gazes into her brown eyes, 

He's in love, so she trusts to dispose her clouded thought

To succumb to the infinite love that fervors her heart.

His gaze didn't leave hers, he leaned closer and whispers,

"You are beautiful." The words came to her like music.

She feels a fiery sensation assailing her body

As his soft lips gently brushed her frigid cheek.

Her eyes closed, she tilt her face as she meets his kiss.

A teardrop fell on her cheek and she opened her eyes. 

Sadness has overwhelmed her heart but now she's free. 

The night is becoming deep and she must go home. 

She breathe in deeply and smiled as she pictures him

Once more, she remembers his promise, as he whispers,

"I will always be your friend" ... "always."

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