My Father´s Pins Collection.



When I think of my father I can only thing of he and his collection. My father has a lot of pins. He has a lot of them. He really likes pins. He is a collector of pins. In every color, you can imagine. In every shape, you can imagine. In every size, you can imagine. Everywhere he goes he buys pins. Most of them are guitars. Most of them are from a store named ¨Hard Rock¨. When we are on a trip all he buys are caps and pins. He goes to every ¨Hard rock¨ and buy limited edition pins. Guitar pins specially. I remember one time we went to Disneyland and he bought a strip that it was like a pins holder and puts it around his neck and he was so happy, he bought a lot of pins. Every Sunday he goes to a room that he calls his place and spend hours accommodating his favorite pins. I remember how he puts them in a big black box. He makes art with them and hi loves that. He puts in a frame and hang it on the wall. But no all the pins, just his favorites, the ¨Hard Rock¨ ones.  He sits on the couch drinks a Coke and plays songs of Bruce Springsteen while he hangs the frames or put the pins in the box. My mom always tells him that he spends a lot of money in those pins, but he doesn’t care, he loves them. He told me that one day those pins will be a treasure. I really believe that he loves those pins more than he loves me. He has spent so many years collecting them and making art with them. Other men had an addiction to alcohol, cigar, casinos, but my father has no addiction but pins. It makes me feel happy the feeling that I get when I start to think about him. About he be in that room listening to music for hours and me in there helping him to put the pins in the frame or just talking or asking him questions about his treasured pins. My father just loves his hobby and he really don’t care what others think or what my mom said about his pins, he just loves his treasure and what others think doesn’t matter.

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