sometimes when you look at me

doubts and fears swathes me

but when i look deep down into your eyes,

for a moment, my restiveness subsides

when we are closed together under a misty moon

and your arms, sealed  around my shoulder

and my ears would heed only your sweet murmurs

still, I am perturbed in my own little border

i wanted to slash your chest

to see who’s picture dangles within

i wanted to slash your head too

to see how your mind imagines

for there’s no assurance in this world

that can calm my disconcerted thoughts

your sweet declarations of undying affection

those are just words that cannot be interned

like a clear glass, my heart is very fragile

quick to crumble to the slightest nip

one thing i know; i would die to unearth

another name is whittled upon your soul

written 2/03/2003

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