2002 Poetry

myriad of chances to mull things over

yet bigotry suffused the four walls of the

chauvinistic psyches

one honorable mind was underrated

with grinding teeth you couldn’t believe he

did it--slapping every greedy and jealous

eyes aiming at his position

seemed impossible but it happened

too bad you paid so much attention to the

weak and the weedy, too bad you’re too

preoccupied overfeeding bastards and leeches

if you only knew what they do behind you

but then again you play blind eyes and deaf ears

bigotry is making you a total clown in your

own little corporate circus

whilst they laughed at you; he commiserates

with you for not only had he considered

you his superior but a mentor too

no longer shall he bear to see you two blonder

admit it or not he made you realized that

written 12/11/2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written in the hype of my husband's resignation from his previous employer. And to be upfront, this is for employers who don't know how to handle conscientious employees.

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