2002 Poetry

this breath hasn't been any better

like those leaves hanging

afloat, descending into the sewer

and my own self in the same level


trees bearing their fruits

at the bottom they fall as they ripen

on the ground you'll see them abound

just like me in this pedantic bedlam

my head's in the mood for a hood

to mask my ruin if only I could

see me as I'm standing naked

clad, yet you still view me naked

you stand  before me looking sacred

but instantly you'll swing to feel hatred

my feet stained with blood

those thorns you lodged

they've punctured my stand

to my wound they stayed in feast

green prairies luring me to step up

steady feet not wanting to step back

I'd still pursue, as this will be the last

I'm counting on my might

I hope my feet (for the last time) will abide

the sun is set to repose

across the sea I saw it submerged

darkness fills the space

and my eyes could see this mesh

as darkness is here to bask

and together we're glancing at my past

step by step I make my tracks

off this place encumbered with angst

and as I make my final trance

this I avow never again to slip back

there have been too many sting in my cup

and going back is unwise twice as much

I shall throw the key to the bottom of the sea

and shall never again look back

never again will I allow you to thwart my luck

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