2002 Poetry

i engender various floras

  from plain to sophistication

  massive vegetation springing

   like a mist in the autumn breeze

    with hues come alive as the

   bud blooms into a full petal

  running waters from an

architectural  fashion of

cherubim and a woman

  carrying a jar of perfume

  fresh scents of Daisies

   their sway is a dance of glee

    to the tune of the humming bees

     dragonflies and butterflies

    an ambiance bonhomie

   to everyone who gets in me

  the sky is royal blue

kissing the cheeks of the petals

and the bermudas

  you’ll find solace in me

  pluck a stem off a full blown rose

   white, pink, yellow and red

    pluck your choice, indulge your sense

     just remember not to liter

    my surroundings is far better

   if anyone who enters me knows

  that my beauty is uplifting

if i’m always spic-and-span

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