2002 Poetry

Clever! How very clever

You seem to know me better

Does that make you my master?

Because you can see through my struggle

To see me this way and not wanting

To come to my aid

I have had enough from this world

This world that you pledged to be

My home and my dreamland

Devoid of malady, pain and misery

But look at me, do you ever see me happy

I laugh at nothing and my heart is empty

I laugh at anything that has no meaning

Yes I laugh aloud but only to hide my misery

They are all a façade to envelop my grief

I look around me and the more it pains me to see

That my world is filled yet very empty

My mind is tired from thinking what to do

In order for me to push away the blues

I am bored and worn-out

I want to go somewhere else

Where I can unearth infinite blithe

You know what my heart desires

You know what will make my spirit high

But you’re just staring, seeing me how to die

How long will you still want me to cry?

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