2002 Poetry

it's this thing that lifts his élan

everything else becomes bouyant

he can fly as high as 10th-storey

who would dare to plug his glory?

he sees too much imagery

crawling upon his whimsy

horrific fangs of prickly

eager to seize his sweetie

he burst into sudden terror

unfamiliar with this tremor

they cannot be harming her

a wild image in his head saunter

he hurried down to the kitchen

to look for sharpened scalpel

and when he finally situated it

he hurried back to his target

as he poured all his strength

in assailing to what seems

to be an Arch-fiend

blood streamed on the sheets

and he was happy to see it

thinking he has razed

his wife’s invader

he embraced her tightly

but his feeling is too dozy

his reddened eyes felt cozy

he lay down with his wife

and mutters their safety

an appalling reality awaits him

a cadaver he will see in the morning

but what is even more excruciating

is to see that the cadaver next to him

is none other than his precious Lilly


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