2002 Poetry

Why would you allow him to see

how much he has wounded you

to even make you think that you’re

the most hideous looking ever to live

you may have lost your self-esteem

but that is just momentary, you'll see

do not augment his addiction to vanity

because once he looks back at you

it would be just to mock you overtly

Have some sense of worth and pride

and see he’s not worth comparable even to a fly

he may have meant the whole damn world all this time

but try to hide it by looking straight into his eyes

appearing unaffected and composed

while he renounces his reasons for his goodbye

It is not yet the end of the world

he is not the only one in this orb

think of him as an ogre or something

who farts and burps anywhere

whose style of dressing is

worst beyond compare and

whose puff is so foul

that can kill a thousand cow

it will help you in a way or two

he’s just another man who passed by

and another man will come by

so hide your tears behind

hide them ‘til you forget you ever cried

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