2002 Poetry

                   I would love to usher you

               to places you have never been

                  to unfold right before you

               the majestic sight in between

          the hills, the mountains, the deep

          they are all a cool place to be in

                 especially when you’re down

                       in pain and suffering

        Surrender yourself off this euphoria

let your mind marvel in this casual insomnia

       there is no one to keep an eye on you

             you own the world and its fauna

           they will all crouch down for you

           the flowers will shed their scent

             along with their hues and forms

        they would linger to your indulgence

             Do not ever neglect this minute

   let it cling forever as it is to infinite

           no amiss in letting yourself free

          to wander your thoughts off things

        that has potential and possibilities

        tomorrow you will battle another day

      wherein you would be hauled day by day

           by the toiling Monday of the week

           extending all throughout the week

     this is a  chance, a rarity as it seems

             possible recurrence is too slim

                 holidays are seldom to gain

        especially when your financial bacon

                         is close to a shame

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