2002 Poetry

when we yak with our friends

and obnoxious vibes are embryonic.

yet, we don’t want them to feel dejected

we say it’s ok!

we stand quite, bearing their sight

when we know the path we're traversing

leads to more worries and doubts

we say, “Nah it’s ok!

when someone requests

for unattainable favor

and we are left nothing

other than to be indulgent

we say again, of course

'tis going to be ok.

all the self-conscious we are

as we stand before our cliques

trying to outstrip the blockages

yet all the more we are in wreckage  

we only got ourselves to blame

for saying things that we don’t mean

for showing them apt to be caught pretenses

we shove ourselves to a niche unsuited to us

then after a while, after a long gibberish effort

we’re still down in the dumps

with the usual ego

that’s just trailing behind

all the facades and pretenses

the shadow that we have

it's always our choice

Author's Notes/Comments: 

there are so many things in life other than fame, glory and's by being true to oneself and to others that counts the most in most cases.....10/19/2001-7:59

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