2002 Poetry

Walking alone on a foggy noon

feet sliding, floating into the moon

desolate thought that is hard to overlook

with incessant sniff, it shall cover you soon

Damn the world when it is deaf

When you like to yell all the feelings long kept

Everywhere you go there's no one to fetch

They are all gone early for their bed

Why is that whenever it's your turn

You end up talking to your own reflection

consoling yourself from world's desolation

they're such a jerk to think you're that strong

And so again you turn to that relief

in desperation to ease short-lived need

every sniff and shot bring you somewhat peace

from the biting reality that's devouring you quick

Here you are now totally hooked

Clinging dangerously to new found spook

an angel of death shall convey your breath

to bring to an end a long time spent

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes we are overwhelemed by our own needs and longings that we forget friends around us who may have a problem worse than ours...give her an ear sometimes and u'll know ur still lucky

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