A Man, you say?


There was once a boy, who wanted to fly.

He travelled in a herd, while solitude is what he preferred.

He was with them, yet he wasn’t.

His thoughts were unique, they did not like the antique.

His adrenaline was flowing, his impatience, growing.


A starter is what he needed, an initialisation is all he pleaded.

His pleas weren’t in vain, the answer came with a plane.

The big white cloud, came in high and proud.

With shiny threads of information, that could be accessed without boundary of any nation.

People called it by different names, though, at its core, it was just the same.

edX, Udacity, Coursera, Ah! The dawn of a new era.


The cloud lifted the boy, which was all part of the ploy.

The boy saw all that was there to see, he touched all that he wanted to see.

So enchanted by it, his companions he did forget. 

He could learn what he wanted, without ever being daunted.

His passion awoke, in the white, fluffy smoke.


He saw the wonders of free online education, while the cloud awaited full attention.

When that moment finally came, the cloud dropped him, making him momentarily lame.

While the boy gained his strength, his stomach lurched, at a time, one tenth.

When he came to the realisation, he could feel his activation.


He knew now he was for sure free, whether or not anyone agreed.

Yet, in his freedom, he knew not where to go, what to do, should he really bid his friends adieu?

Or should he stay and be a part of their company, oh the dilemma made him weak in the knees.

He sought consult, from the young and the adult.

Yet he found no clarification, in this dense mystification.

He knew deep within, that this fight he would alone have to win.


Yes, he was different and certainly he was unique. But, did that mean there should be no clique?

Yes, he awaited a sign, a light, a jump-start. But, did that have to mean that he should be apart?

He did not want to leave his city, let alone his nation; oh this bifurcation!

Yet, world he could see on his cloud, the things he could do before the shroud.


The start he had been awaiting, was now ready to leave him elating.

Ready he was to begin a new journey, to make new company.

Ready he was to pick up the pace, to get back in the race.

Ready he was to bid his friends adieu, to start anew.


The boy who once travelled with the herd, without a moustache or a beard.

Approaches his destination, with steadfast translation.

With a moustache and a full beard, now a man!



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