Just a Dream

First Love

He softly touches my face

and wipes away a tear

he tells me not to worry

That he'll always be here

I lok up into his eyes

And ask if he really cares

he says he wouldn't lie to me,

He would never dare

He turns my head towars him

and gently kisses my lips

He tells me that he's realized

That he's never felt like this

he says that when I told him

Just how much I cared

That he was afraid to love me too,

and he was just scared

He says "I know I told you

i didn't feel the same

I'm sorry I lied to you

I am so ashamed"

I hold back my tears

and ask how this could be

I could've sworn he said he knew

That he'd never love me

How was i supposed to know

This was really how he feels?

He says he couldn't deny it anymore

He knew that it was real

"When I look into your eyes

That is how i know

And when I'm holding you

It's so hard to let go

I find myself thinking about you

And i feel the simle creep upon my face

You told me all these things,

and then I realized I felt the same"

I've never been as happy

as he's saying this to me

I can't move

He is all I can see

Then he wraps his arms around me

And tells me he'll never let go

And that he is finally ready

To let his feelings show

Slowly I roll over

And things aren't as they seem

I open my eyes to realize

That it was all a dream

-January 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was before my first love realized he loved me too...i was crazy to get him to realize

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