Staring at this picture

More than Friends

Staring at this picture of me and you

Lost in what I feel

I'm so confused

of what is and isn't real

The smile on my face reminds me

of the way i get with you

a happy pause in reality

but you are smiling too

So what is my reality?

Am I lying to myself?

Do you not feel what i'm feeling?

Cause my heart tells me somethin else

I go back and forth about it

My intuition swears its true

You have to feel something

If i'm in love with you

I don't know if I am

But i don't see how i'm not

and if you'd only let me

I'd probably never stop

I can't bare to tell you

And see if things could change

But holding this all in

Is driving me insane

I'm so scared to tell you

I don't see how I could

i don't even understand this

so I doubt it do any good

My heart would only hurt

because you're not ready to see

All of the potential

there is between you and me

I think sometimes you feel it

but you have to push it away

Because its pretty scary

when you've never felt this way

That's what my heart tells me

I don't know if its true

And even it thats the case

I'm still at a lost of what to do

Telling you will scare you

But I can't keep on waiting

For you to realize what i do

Slowly my heart is breaking

I keep on believing

if only i could find the right words

I will get you to see it

And change eachothers world

But i here i sit wondering

staring at this photograph

just living off that feeling

to which the picture takes me back

October 2006

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