Holding Back

More than Friends

I’m emotional

Don’t come near me

I’d crumble

With your touch

You mean well

You don’t know

You can’t see

What’s inside me

I love those moments

In your warm embrace

I can’t handle it now

I would cry inside

You smile at me

I wish you knew

I could really love you

If you’d let me

You make me laugh

Like you always do

And slowly I gain the strength

To hide the truth

From your lovely eyes

I let you hold me

And shake off the urge

Growing within me

To spit all out

And ask you to love me

Really love me

‘Cause I could love you

Differently than I do

But I won’t

I know I can’t

I’ll patiently wait

And let you love me

For now

In the only way

You seem to know how

I’ll remain your friend

With feelings untouched


If that’s the only way

I can keep you

Fall 2005

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