Why I Sleep

My Own Issues

Why do you sleep away your days? they ask. They just don’t understand

When I sleep, I can wish a way the world and dream of being happy again

Lost in the darkness of night I can hide from all truths inside of me I’m scared to admit

People think I’m weak and ridiculous, but I know there’s so much more to it

Feeling ashamed, I’d rather lose myself in unconsciousness than in tears

Sometimes even I can’t believe I’d spend life this way, but its been like this for years

Why am I the only one whose pleasure and content comes from sleeping?

I wish I didn’t have to be this way, but I’m only happy when I’m dreaming

Bring me back to a better day, I pray, but only when asleep am I relieved

For me this has always been normal, but now I don’t know what to believe

Don’t want to think that my head can’t handle my heart and all its emotions

Starting over has got to me wonder just where my life is going

I feel stuck, and confused - tomorrow I’ll feel better I say

But since so much has changed I haven’t been able to sleep it away

Sleeping has been my relief, like a drug or alcohol may be to some

I thought this was just how I was, but maybe I’m not the only one

Curling up in bed has always made me feel better temporarily

If only I could feel that high when I’m awake, and permanently

Ashamed, why me? I don’t feel like I deserve any of this

I’m lost and I’m hurt and I’m afraid and I don’t know why that is

I can’t get to rest anymore, so my insides have been boiling up

I haven’t been able to push away the feelings but I know that I must

If sleep won’t work how do I make it go away

Is something wrong with me? I always thought that I was okay

Thought I was normal, but maybe I was wrong, am I not like everyone else?

Wish I knew the difference, wish I could even understand all the emotions I’ve felt

Someone please make me smile reassure me I haven’t failed

I thought a new life would make a new me, but that ship has since sailed

Here I am still losing myself and my life while sleeping through the days

I know now I need to change, somebody please make me be okay

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