My Own Issues

I think this, I think that

Do I want this or do I want that?

Was that my head or was that my heart?

Man I don’t even know where to start

I’m supposed to be honest w/ myself, I know

But to find that, I don’t know where to go

I mean what I say, until I change my mind

God how I hate being confused all the time

I argue with myself till I just want to scream

Is this real? I don’t know, are things how they seem?

Wish I could just feel sane for awhile

Just to be sure of how I feel and still smile

There’s this fantasy in my head that takes me away

I get caught up believing till real life fades it away

If only I could explain what I’m going through

Maybe then somebody, somewhere could tell me what to do

Today something makes me happy, tomorrow it makes me sad

How can my feelings change so fast?

Are they my feelings, my thoughts, or the devil on my shoulder?

Might as well blame it on him, did he just take over?

This is it, for sure, I know for once

But tomorrow I’ll wake up and it won’t be enough

This confusion scares me, I’m lost inside

From these thoughts and these words, I just wanna hide

I want to escape from my brain, this time its gone too far

But wherever you go, there you are

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