Happy Ones

My cheer overwhelms me

A smile arises on my face

With no warning and no fear

I’m not afraid

To let you make me happy

I feel no shame

The love I feel for you

Needs no reason

Unlike so many

Of the irrational feelings of my heart

I watch you change

Each day you surprise me

And everyday I’m surprised

That I could care this much

Love this much

Sweetest love I’ve ever known

If I could see you every morning

Perhaps I could always feel good

Instead I’ll think of you

When I’m down

Never had anything

So simple

So innocent

Brighten up my life

With just a mere thought

A special bond

I can’t explain

Or understand

I can only hope

I provide you with half as much joy

As you’ve brought into my life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sooo yeah I did write a poem about my dog. She is amazing.

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