Time to Say Goodbye

First Love

This time I am really serious

I can’t keep dealing with this

The idea hurts more than I can explain

But its not worth the constant pain

I try and try but turns out its not time

You aren’t ready for love of this kind

It could be so simple if you would see

There’s no one who loves you more than me

Thought you wanted to work to keep it alive

But I can’t be the only one who will try

This won’t ever work if you don’t let me in

But I guess I just won’t ever win

Later on you’ll probably be ready to try

I guess that’s when I will sit down and cry

Cuz I’m not gonna be here waiting for that

It’ll be another who gets what we could have had

You’re not ready and that I can’t change

But I can stop how much it causes me pain

So goodbye to our love and our life

God I wish I could be the one as your wife

But I can’t wait forever and sit through the hurt

Not gonna deal with less than I deserve

My first love will always belong to you

I wish my whole heart could always too

But you aren’t yet willing to even try

So I have no choice but to say goodbye

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