Drives Me Crazy

More than Friends

I missed a call today

The phone showed your name

my heart skipped a beat

While a smile grew across my face

Your voice on the machine

Remind me it's pretend

It'll never go away

You're more than just a friend

So much I want to say to you

For so many reasons I hold back

Don't know what I want from you

You aren't part of the plan

"It's crazy" I tell myself

But now here you are again

Your amazing voice asking me

Just where the hell I am

I can feel it around you

You're not sure what it is

Maybe you could realize

If I could brave a kiss

But I've sworn you off

it would just start a mess

Seeing you I boil up inside

Always makes me yearn to confess

How could I feel something

When we barely ever speak

But I have been pusing you away

'Cause you make my knees go weak

I'm jumping back in to the struggle

By seeing you again, its true

It's gonna drive me crazy

But I'm a fool for you


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