Unspoken words

More than Friends

All these words left unspoken

Between you and I

So many feelings

But the words I can't find

I've sheltered it all for so long now

The thoughts are scared to leave

Not sure they should be spoken,

they're hidden so deep within me

But it's getting to a point

Where i'm really ready for love

And I don't see me falling for someone

When I have this notion of us

So is it to lay my heart on the table

and cross that forbidden line?

I would love to have you love me

But i don't want to lose a friend of mine

I'll never know the answer

If i never make a point to say

A hint at these emotions

of loving you in a different way

Would you be expecting it?

Or haven't you got a clue?

So many questions still unanswered

everytime I look at you~

Everytime I look at you

I feel myself start to smile

A smile reaching into my heart

I get a little warmer inside

I've suppressed my feelings for so long

Can't believe I've never spit 'em out

So many times I've yearned for you

to stop leaving me in doubt

Do you feel at all the same?

Sometimes I swear you do

You treat me differently somehow

So lovingly, for you

How do I tell you something I'm so unsure of?

I have no grip on reality

I think this, I feel that

So confused of what's supposed to be

Am I imagining this link between you and I?

Or is there something special?

I could maybe express myself

If only I knew how you felt!

But I know it's gonna be up to me

If me and you ever have a chance

How do i find the nerves

to ease you into perfect romance?

-October 2006

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