Isn't it time?

My Own Issues

Haven't I waited long enough?

When is it my turn for love?

Sure he is a shadow of my past

A memory that will always last

But there is so much more to me

I know that i'm finally ready

To fall in love, a second chance

A different kind of sweet romance

I was fully loving the single life

It was just enough to learn what's right

So I have learned, isn't it time?

Isn't there a love I should find?

I don't mean to beg for it at all

I know that when I'm supposed to, I will fall

But it jsut seems like it should be soon

Some love with which my heart consumes

I can't force it so I won't try

But life's getting old without a guy

I know that I deserve some love

So where is he? When do I get some fun?

Seems like everyone around me

gets to lose themselves in something sweet

But here I am, still all alone

I'm getting lonely and it's getting old

I've taken my time, I know myself

So now I want to get to know somebody else


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