Hello World

daltons poems

Hello World

My mommy has 6 weeks to go before

I come into this world and meet my mommy and daddy

and these other funny people looking that are to going to be my family.

But that's okay because they all seem to come together in times of need

and that's what's matter to a little man like me while I'm growing up.

The funny thing is these people would give their lives for me and they haven't even met

me yet. I know I'm loved a lot already because my grandmother is throwing a party just

for me so my parents Dalton and Ashley won't have to buy anything for me fór awhile maybe you never know though after all  I am a new born baby so that will be fun, something tells me I'm going to be the apple of my daddy's eye and wrapped around my mommy finger for life. let us remember those family members who won't get meet me when I come into this world in a few weeks but I  know they'll always be watching over me and they’ll always be inside my heart! my name is Mathew Cruz and  looking forward meeting you all very soon!.




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