Life always seems simple
When we’re younger
Even though we
Think things aren’t really
Simple. When we’re growing
We wish for our birthdays to
Come quicker and quicker
So we can become an adult
Faster. Then when we do
Become an adult we f ind
Out what life’s all about
How hard it is for people
To keep going everyday
And look their hardships
In the face everyday the
Pain they might be facing everyday
They might not express how they’re
Feeling on the inside..
We say to ourselves why does
Everything seems to happen
At a such a fast pace?
But then have to remember
Everybody is going to get
Sick and die at some point in everybody’s
Life. Even though it’s always hard
To say goodbye. They say it gets
Easier to let go as time goes on
But it never does it seems we
Never had to worry about these
Things when we were younger
So that’s why sometimes I wish
I could go back in time and freeze time
So I could fix all the wrongs I did and
Keep those I love from getting sick
Or dying but we all know life
Doesn’t work that way as
We older it’s harder to face.
But I have to remember god won't put more on us then we can handle and he
Has a reason for everything he does.

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