Worth something to you

Worth something to you


October is breast cancer

Awareness month as we all

Know. But fighting cancer

Should always be in the back

Of our minds as well as fighting

Any kind of diseases like  

 cancer we need to love

Ourselves  more then ever before

And say no more I’m going to

Find a way to beat all of those

Horrible diseases out there in

This world today. But instead

We avoid going to the Doctors

As much as we  can . we always

Tell ourselves that won’t never

Happen to me or anybody I love

Or their families but then

It happens to somebody we know

Grandmother or mother then we

Remember real fast how our lives

Can chance in a flash with no do overs

Or take backs so I’m saying let’s use

Our brains god gave up and  fight

In every way we can for a change toward

Better days for less tears to be

Wiped from our faces and say

Let’s make a difference in

This world today to find

A cure for the all incurable

Diseases in this world today

Stand up and fight it until

The end tell it you won’t give in be a good

Friend or family member

And say I’ll here for you  until the end through

Cancer or whatever might come your way

Say we’ll walk this road together my friend.

Oct 14th 2010.


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