The ABC's of being a mother!!

mom's poems

Motherhood is a dream comes true

It is a blessing and a lot of young Women of the world won’t

Ever get to see that dream come true.  

Being a mother is the most demanding Job in the world. Never a moment rest, always got to be ready for anything

And everything that might happen till the day it’s their

Children time to leave this world.

Caring for another human Life seem impossible to some

of those that are young. They want to just forget the baby was ever Born and run. A Mom doesn’t turn her back on her children.

Even through some children don’t share the same blood as their mother, it doesn’t matter. Having the same Blood type doesn’t make somebody a mother. Loving a child makes you a mother.

Once somebody becomes a mother, it’s forever. There’s no changing it even though I know there are times Mothers are saying to themselves, why on earth did I go down this road? I so need a break, but it is forever and ever!

Getting them ready for life as they grow up and build a life for themselves, hope they did it right, hope they’ll make the right choices in their life.

Humor is one thing a mother has to have raising children. If

They don’t they’ll get uptight about everything that doesn’t go right in their life.

Incredible is what mothers are, Joyous to be around, kind at heart, Loving from first moment they see their child’s face.  They teach you things and makes great memories that their children will forever hold close to their heart!

Never quits, always keeps going no matter what! She over sees all, the good, bad, happy and sad! Protective from now till the end of the time.  

Have all the qualities to raise a child, Remarkable in everyway. Stands up for their children, no matter what the cost! Understanding about the most difficult of things! Valuable in every way, because once your mother is gone, you’ll never get another one! Wonderful in every sense of the word!  Always has that certain rhythm about them! Always has their way of doing things!

If you forget what kind of person they raised you to be, they’re so good at zapping you back into place.

May 9th 2010

Mothers Day Poem; dedicated to my special Mother in appreciation for the good life she has provided for me.


Lory Dawn Little

May 9th, 2010

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