Just wishing

Just wishing

I know god put

People like me on this

Earth for a reason even

Though I don’t know what

That reason is now I know

He’ll show me himself

Someday in some way.

I wish  that it didn’t seem

Like the world is slowly

Falling apart right before

Our eyes I wish there was

Some way I could put

The economy  in much better

Shape then it is right now

So I could easily say

Nobody will ever

Be without a good job to

Support themselves and their families

But as much as it hurts me to

Watch this world falling apart

Day by day I know I’ll never be able

To control any of that. I wish

That I could bring the love back

Into  my family that I once felt

But I don’t how to fix it some

Things like money have gone to

People’s head I think if you work hard

For  your money and the things can

Buy you you appreciate it much more

Then you would’ve before.

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