hussle free

Someday it’s going to my turn.

God knows I love and

Appreciate him for

Everyday I’m alive.

I thank god for the

Great people he’s

Brought into my life.

Especially for each

Day I wake up and

My parents and

Family are still alive.

But I still is it ever

Going to be a time

When I can go

Places and enjoy my

Life like once did or

Will I forever be stuck

In this house with no way

Of being able to get in the

And have a way of going once

Again? Please hear me I need

You to make those people from  

The scooter store living this life

Isn’t never be easy but it’s really

Living it like this knowing I can’t

Get to my Doctor’s appointments

Easy and places I need to be and

Be able to go hassle free

April 13th 2010

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