Grandmaw’s birthday poem!

Grandmaw’s birthday poem!

Another year has came and went just like the wind blows some more candles are blown. I know everyday

Life is a struggle for you as it is for us all

I know there’s days and  moments you want to throw your hands up and say I’m done with this all I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to retire and move far off. Even though you’re probably not glad to be another year older I’m just glad the lord saw it fit to keep you around awhile longer which will always makes me smile. Not many people in this world will ever understand me as good as you. Thank you for accepting me into your heart and your life even though you didn’t have too. thank you for all the keep sakes you’ve gave me and The dresses, dolls, and stuffed animals you’ve made me

they’re all true pieces of art I will forever

hold close to my heart! No matter where

This life takes us years from now you’ll always

Be in a little part of everything I do. Every time

I see a red rose I’ll always think of love and how I love

You. You’ll always be that one rose in my heart that

Will always shine bright in my life. It makes me happy

To know some of your bloodline is inside me because

I know as long as I’m alive you’ll never die. But I think

I speak for all of your grandchildren when I say we have

Been and always be proud to call you our grandmother!

We love you happy 67th birthday from us all!!

Aug 30th 2010

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